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Chill Food To Warm You Up

November 16, 2020 Hannah McIntosh
Noodle Soup | Source: Unsplash

Depending on where you live, you may have started getting glimpses of the impending winter. If the changing season has you feeling chilly, either literally or simply because you’re not quite ready to face the harsh reality of less daylight, we’re sharing some of our favorite spots serving warm comfort foods. So curl up, get cozy, and order in something that has a high probability of helping you forget any of your seasonal troubles. 

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Di An Di

When winter time hits, it’s officially pho season. Hot broth, slurpable noodles, and the perfect level of spice are all the things we love so much about this Vietnamese classic. The beef pho at Di An Di has all those elements, plus insanely tender brisket, and an egg yolk. Besides a hot bath, this soup is your surest way to feeling warm on a cold night.

Wow Bao The Gathering Bundle

Wow Bao

The best way to fend off the winter chill is to invite elements of warmth into your life. Some of our favorite methods include sweaters, blankets, candles, and steamed bao from Wow Bao. Slightly sweet, oh-so pillowy bao dough filled with everything from teriyaki chicken to veggies is the meal equivalent to an evening spent wrapped in a cashmere blanket in front of a fire. To keep things extra cozy make sure you order the gathering bundle. Just because you can’t exactly gather with people doesn’t mean you can’t bundle up with some bao.

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Broth – the quintessence of a warming comfort food. As the building block of all soups, we think broth deserves appreciation for the wonder that it is. That’s where Brodo comes in, the spot paying ode to broth and serving up over 15 different varieties of broth, from the health-lover’s favorite bone broth to vegan seaweed and mushroom. So if a cold night is requiring some soul-soothing sips, or you need a solid base to a soup you’re making from scratch at home, hit up Brodo.

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Thip Osha

It’s late, cold, getting dark, you’re still working and hungry for something that will make you forget all of these things. Enter Thai curry from Thip Osha. Its creamy, its spicy, it’s perfectly gingery, full of veggies, and super authentic. Best of all, it’s going to make your night better.

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Few things are as comforting as a warm plate of Italian food. And when that craving strikes, we’re ordering a delicious plate of baked ziti and a chicken parm sandwich from Parm. Gooey cheese, tangy red sauce, and juicy chicken – what more could you wish for on a cold winter night?

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