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Best Of The NBRHD: Cold Pressed Juice In Edgewater

Where to get a fresh juice in Edgewater

August 12, 2021 Juliana Accioly

Here in Miami, the tall, frothy glasses of summer are filled with cold-pressed juices. More than just liquid multivitamins to fuel the body throughout the day, they’re carefully constructed compositions, packed with strikingly fresh, nutrient-rich flavors that you can devour just for the taste. Edgewater is home to a variety of serious juice fun. Below are the five best spots to visit for a dose of health in a cup.

Devia Juice Bar at Midtown Garden

Diana Devia offers delectable “medicine in a glass,” juice that tastes just as good as it is for you, squeezed from seasonal veggies and fruit. Flavor combinations are limited only by imagination at her colorful Edgewater spot, livened up by the seasonal fresh fruit on display that is used in every preparation. Enjoy garden seating as you sip on radiant blends such as watermelon, apple, and strawberry or a light option of cucumber, apple, and celery ($8 each).

Photo courtesy of Lokal Digital Agency

Green G.

This casual spot serves great coffee and a healthy all-day breakfast menu, but if you are looking for an instant reviver after a long day or a workout, then cold-pressed juices are where it’s at. Try “Cafe of Life.” made with green apple, carrot, lemon, and ginger, or “Straight Up.” a blend of grapefruit, lemon, ginger, pineapple, cayenne pepper, turmeric, and chia seeds ($10.25 each). Special shots, detox lemonades, and cashew milks made in-house are also one hundred percent organic.

Photo by Juliana Accioly

Granier Bakery

Fresh and energizing compositions are on the wholesome list of fresh juices here, from a “Drop the Beets” creation to an orange-based “Cold Buster” option, to which you can add chia seeds and/or protein powder. The food menu of eggs, croissants, niçoise salad, and strawberry toast makes a healthy pairing with the drinks.

Photo by Juliana Accioly

Pinocchio On The Bay

This quaint Italian bar carries a handful of cold-pressed juices, or you can create your own combination with various fruits and veggies for $6.50. The Balocco with orange, carrot, and ginger is a great pick-me-up, and the namesake option packs red apple, carrot, and lemon. With your juice in hand at an indoor table or the outdoor patio, you can have breakfast, midday snacks, a salad, or even a pizza to go along with it.  

Photo by Juliana Accioly

Juice Press

Juice Press turns out fresh, nutrient-dense menu of juices divided into several categories, each catering to a different purpose – from detox to functional hydration. The “Spicy Ginger Fireball” is an energizing concoction made with orange, lemon, cayenne, and oil of oregano that will help you flush those toxins fast, while “Love Me” combines green apple with spinach, kale, and lemon. Other crowd-pleasers are the cleanse packages and the “Stress-Free Rose Water,” made with Bulgarian rose extract. Delivered through all major food delivery platforms.

Photo courtesy of Juice Press

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