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Delivery Packaging (Almost) Too Pretty To Open

Handled with care—these restaurants know how to pack a pretty package

May 17, 2021 Kiri Tannebaum

You know that part of a relationship where you find yourself happily staring at your S.O. (significant other) because you are crushing on them hard? Well, it’s kind of like that for these clever and cool dine-in packages. These pretty parcels will make you want to gaze long and hard before digging in. Go ahead and judge this eye candy by its cover.

La Mar Cebicheria Peruana

Celebrated Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio’s La Mar, “the sea”, brings beautiful blue hues from the restaurant’s design and transports them for a similarly colorful at-home dining experience. Their stunning dine-in boxes are cushioned by a bright, Pacific Ocean blue backdrop, causing the radiant dishes to pop. The best way to experience La Mar’s impressive packages is to order the Cebiche Clásico. A sampler of ceviche, the Clásico features an aquatic assortment that includes: sushi-grade halibut in leche de tiger, Causa Limena, a duo of whipped purple potatoes topped with Dungeness crab salad, avocado and tomato, and Nigiri Crollo showcasing ahi tuna topped with smoked aji amarillo cream.

Krispy Rice

Style meets function with every Instagram-able package of sushi that comes from Krispy Rice. The pastel pink box opens up to reveal clever compartments which ensure not one piece of Spicy Tuna Krispy Rice gets jostled along the way. Once opened, work your way through the sections from handrolls (truffle avocado!) to edamame to condiment – soy sauce, wasabi, ginger – in carefully packaged containers. Did we mention the packages are carbon-neutral? Pretty with a purpose.

Supermoon Bakehouse

Extra attention is paid to the beautiful baked goods at New York’s Supermoon Bakehouse. But even more critical, is the carrier they come in. The mesmerizing, iridescent box with 3D logo treatment, clever messaging “Bite me, NYC” and “Stay wild, moon child” makes for great Instagram fodder. Add to that, the sturdy structure protects those precious croissant babies from potential dessert damage. Go for the Super Care Packs, which feed a variety of appetites and provides an assortment of their gorgeous laminated doughs, cruffins (tiramisu!), doughnuts (rose jam and pistachio cream!), and Danishes (savory mushroom). An ideal bundle for anyone who needs a pick-me-up.


Cote Korean Steakhouse is all about creating a luxury experience for guests – whether that means dining at their sleek restaurants in Miami or New York or receiving their goods at home. Their Butcher’s Feast®, a premium collection of USDA prime beef, can be delivered to all 50 states and includes carefully vacuum-sealed meat showcasing the beautiful marbling and a gold pouch stuffed with marinated short rib galbi. The substantial box branded with a fluorescent pink stork, includes jars of zesty pickled vegetables, Ssamjang sauce, and the seasoning makes the meat sing: their signature Gastronome’s salt.

Photo by Gary He

Champs and Heroes

There’s nothing quite like a new pair of sneakers. True sneaker freaks know to safeguard their footwear by carefully housing them in their original boxes. The same holds true for these sensational sandwiches and bottles from Champs and Heroes. These goods arrive in a clever, sunny orange sneaker-shaped box, snugly packed with bright bubbly and stacked sandwiches. Sneakerheads might have a new purpose for their shoeboxes from now on.

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