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What To Listen To: Playlist Roundup

Music For Every Food Mood

June 01, 2021 Hannah McIntosh

Dinner time can often pose multiple decision paralysis moments. First, you have to decide what you’re in the mood to eat, then choose a restaurant to order from, narrow down the menu, and figure out what beverage pairing goes with it all. Whatever you decide and however you come to that conclusion, you’ll also want to set the ambiance with some music. From a playlist that gives pasta night the feeling of your favorite red sauce joint to a soundtrack for the romantics out there to something you can move and groove to as you mix up some cocktails, we’ve rounded up the best playlists for whatever the dinnertime occasion may be.

A Tangy Playlist For Spring Energy

A playlist for spring to keep the vibes going until summer. It’s perfect for an afternoon in the sun, background music while you’re hosting a low-key dinner party, or the soundtrack to your kitchen dance party while you’re waiting for your food to arrive.

A Playlist From Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

A playlist for easy listening, curated by Van Leeuwen co-founder Laura O’Neill.

A Playlist For Champs and Heroes

Like the Champs and Heroes menu, this playlist is a mash-up of things that capture the vibe of the ’80s and 90s – the music, the sports, the models, the icons. This playlist, curated by Champs and Heroes founder Jourdan BInder, captures the essence of that era and pairs well with sandwiches and champagne. 

A Playlist For Crisp Summer Evenings

A setlist that has bounce and is a tiny bit moody. It’s like the perfect martini in playlist form. 

A Playlist For Pasta Night

Whether tonight is a date night in, or you’re just in the mood for a pasta party, it’s always fun to set the ambiance. And by that, we mean recreating the mood of your fave red sauce joint, including the soundtrack.

A Playlist For When You’re Feeling Salty

In honor of all the times we’re feeling a bit salty, here’s a playlist to keep things flavorful. It has a bit of a bite but overall makes you feel good.

A Playlist From Genuine Burger

Much like this ideal burger experience, a well-curated playlist feeds your senses through the balance of alternating rhythms, harmonies, and tempos. Chef Michael Schwartz kept all of this in mind when concepting Genuine Burger, merging his love for music with his appreciation for balanced, fresh flavor. This playlist, curated by Michael, is a mix of West Coast, ‘50s jazz classics.

A Sweet Playlist

This playlist is sweet but not syrupy, chill without being sleepy, and has a few slow jams but nothing corny. Turn these tender tunes on while you open a bottle of wine (to split or enjoy solo), relax in an essential oil, bath salt-infused bubble bath, or dive into a delicious meal

A Spicy Playlist 

If you want to boost your energy, this playlist is your cure. This tracklist is the audible equivalent to a perfectly chili-infused sauce or a spicy margarita. Turn it on at the end of a long workday as you fix a fun cocktail or during a kitchen dance party while you wait for your delivery to arrive.

A Very Fresh Playlist

A playlist curated by Grass Roots Juicery founder and owner Sabrina Diaz. It’s airy, it’s dancey, it’s pop-y, and it’s tons of fun.

A Jock Jams Playlist

Some occasions call for you to pump up the jams. Kick-off your pregame or post-game celebrations with some fresh jock jams.

A Holiday Playlist

You may not be sitting by a fire in a ski lodge or dancing at an annual holiday party, but this playlist induces just the right amount of holiday spirit to mentally transport you to either of those settings. It’s a feel-good playlist for whatever festivities you have planned.

A Thanksgiving Playlist That Works For Parties

A playlist to cue up for a festive night in – be it a holiday or a small dinner party. It’s fun, easy, and a real crowd-pleaser.

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