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A Fourth Of July Feast, Minus The Grill

Don’t feel like firing up the grill this July 4th? Ditch the traditional hot dogs and plan a tasty delivery feast.

June 29, 2021 Kiri Tannenbaum

Americans are expected to eat more than 150 million hot dogs on the Fourth of July — the traditional food of the holiday. Doesn’t this particular July 4th deserve more celebration than a wiener in a bun? Skip the franks and firing up the grill, and create an easy and spectacular spread worthy of this summer holiday.

Poke Bowls

Gathering with friends and family from the afternoon until the fireworks requires a plethora of munchies to keep everyone satisfied throughout the day. Start out light with Aloha Poke’s refreshing bowls featuring sushi-grade fish, housemade sauces, and Hawaiian-inspired ingredients. Ordering for a crowd is easy with their PYOB (Pack Your Own Bowl) which can feed up to 10 hungry folks and offer an array of ingredients so everyone can customize to their individual preferences. Let freedom ring!


These two-bite, savory-filled boiled, steamed, or fried doughs, always make for good party-time food. Wow Bao offers steamy buns (bao) stuffed with everything from Kung Pao chicken to Mongolian beef to a cheeseburger and even pizza. Their crescent-shaped potstickers and dumplings are packed with zesty ginger chicken or toothsome green veggies and can be ordered in party-sized, shareable portions.


Tacos, the ultimate hand-held food, are always festive — not to mention a natural pairing for a cold brew, beer, or icy cocktail. If you’re looking for more creative tacos, Coyo Taco should be at the top of the list. Their Alambre piles seared Angus steak, smoked bacon, chicharron de queso into a hand-pressed corn tortilla. Or go for their classic iterations like Carne Asada or Al Pastor that balances savory pork with sweet and tangy pineapple. 

Burgers and Fries

Not using the grill doesn’t have to mean skipping the most American of all meals: hamburgers and French fries. The hardest part, of course, will be determining which burger to choose. Umami Burger offers star-spangled options like a Truffle Burger, a Texas BBQ Bacon Burger, and their version of a Ktown Burger. Tacking on an order of Umami’s fries will make this an unforgettable Fourth. Their variations on classic fries include Pastrami on F-rye with mounds crispy, thin fries, pastrami, sauerkraut, and cheese sauce, and their Many Fries with bacon crumbles, scallions, and a creamy cheese sauce.


Summer gatherings require plenty of cold beverages to keep party-goers happy and refreshed. Signature cocktails for the Fourth festivities will not only seem more celebratory but also will make it easy on the bartender. Offer guests housemade Negronis or mix-up pitcher-sized portions of the smoky, citrusy Mezcal Paloma. Alcohol-free cocktails should also be on hand. The Show Me the Honey mixes fresh grapefruit and lime juices, honey, and tart pomegranate, and hibiscus flavored Recess. Soon to become the traditional holiday drink of future Fourth of Julys to come.

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