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Day In The Life Of A Spring Breaker

What To Eat And Drink To Stay Hyped All Day

March 02, 2021 Hannah McIntosh
Spring break vibes

After a long winter, spring break is a time for warm-weather folly. While this holiday is often associated with the collegiate school year, pop-culture has distilled its essence to conjure scenes of fun music by the pool, sandy beaches, frozen beverages, and a care-free attitude. As these pleasures aren’t designated only for college students, we’ve put together a guide on how to channel the energy of a spring breaker through good food, good booze, and good moods.

Rise And Shine

Whether you’re waking up well-rested or in a slight fog from the after-effects of last night’s merriment, it’s essential to start the day fresh. As there’re are many hours of fun in the sun ahead of you, you can afford to start off slow. Spring break isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Before you embark on achieving any brunch goals, grab some coffee and a green juice or smoothie for a super boost. On a day when cold beverages are the fuel of choice, you may as well get your vitamins in liquid form.

Big Brunch Energy

Brunch is a meal best enjoyed on weekends and vacations, and spring break falls into that criteria. Order a big brunch so you can have a little of everything – eggs and toast, bacon, and hash browns. Remember, this is brunch, so lunch items definitely have a place on the table. Order a bowl of some kind if you’re craving something on the lighter side, or opt for a juicy burger. Spring break isn’t a time for rules. And of course, get more coffee to power your through or maybe even a mimosa. After all, you’re on vacation. Now, pack your snacks – it’s time to cool off and get this party started. 

Spring break

Hit The Beach

There’s a near guarantee for some fun in the sun when you have the three following things: a large, warm body of water, shade of some kind (or at least sunscreen), and alcohol. A cooler full of beer and seltzers makes a day at the beach a beach day. Pack some pre-cut fruit, like watermelon, pineapple, and kiwi, for a sweet, refreshing snack, and some chips and salsa for something salty – you’ll thank yourself later. Stuff your cooler with ice and carbonated beverages, grab an umbrella, hit the beach, and party like it’s 1999. 

Poolside Chillen

If the beach is getting a little too sandy for you and you’d prefer to enjoy a cold beverage near calmer waters, head to the pool. Now’s when you can order a cocktail that involves a blender, kick up your feet on a lounge chair, and….actually, that’s it.

Spring break

Big Night In

Being outside all day calls for some indoor replenishment. Start with coconut water, and then quickly graduate to delicious cocktails. Order some light noshes, like a few boxes of sushi, so you can continue to stay light on your feet for a long night of fun without hitting a wall. If you want to do some actual activities, do a group tie-die project and make some socks, t-shirts, or hats to commemorate the day. Or you could do a marathon of all the best spring break-themed movies, complete with snacks, drinks, and ice cream to cool off from the long day.

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