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Get Out Of The Office And Set The Bar

A Cocktail Recipe From Recess

June 28, 2021 Hannah McIntosh

Summer is here, and vacation is on the mind. Maybe you’ve planned a week-long trip somewhere tropical, or perhaps you’re stealing away to the mountains for a weekend in the woods. If neither of these scenarios is you, we have the perfect way to create a little out-of-the-office moment at home. Recess has put together a cocktail that embodies the feeling of a day off from work: light, perfectly sweet, and super refreshing. So if you’re ready to stop checking our email, mix up this drink, put on a playlist, and let the summer vibes roll in.

Out Of Office

Recipe by Shannon Mustipher

Ingredients (for one serving):

The Process:

  • Fill a wine glass with ice, peach liquor, and lemon juice
  • Add rose and top with Peach Ginger Recess 
  • Stir and enjoy
Photo by Noah Fecks

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