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How To

Pretend You’re On Vacation

Channeling Poolside Vibes

December 17, 2020 Hannah McIntosh
Cherry Garcia by the pool

As Tyrann Mathieu, football safety for the Kansas City Cheifs, once said, “I like chillen’ by the pool.” That sentiment pretty much sums up the extent of vacation plans this year. The simple pleasure of a poolside hang in lieu of a proper vacation can’t be understated.

If you don’t have the luxury of living in a year-round mild-to-hot climate, you can still get into the headspace of a warm day spent beside shimmering blue waters with ice cream, good tunes, and chill vibes.

Sunscreen, Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream, and a cocktail

Ice Cream Anywhere

In the same way that sitting by a fire is the final flourish that caps a chilly night, ice cream by the pool serves delight by the scoop. It’s a combo that embodies ultimate leisure with a nostalgic nod to when summer’s off from school were a thing.

But speaking of chilly nights, ice cream is also a cold-weather comfort. Getting cozy under a blanket and watching a holiday movie is only improved with a bowl of your favorite creamy (or vegan) treat. 

Half Baked ice cream and watermelon

Get Chill

Other pretend vacation ideas include: making cocktails, playing cards, taking a bath, doing some yoga on the lawn (or in your apartment).

However you end up spending your imagined escape, give yourself permission to chill (thanks, ice cream).

The Tonight Dough ice cream and a game of Phase 10

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