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Set The Bar And Show Me The Honey

An Alcohol-Free Cocktail Recipe From Recess

April 15, 2021 Hannah McIntosh
Courtesy of Recess, photo by Noah Fecks

Honey is a magical substance. Depending on flowers the bees were pollinating, each batch of richly sweet honey has a different and uniquely floral flavor. And to make this sticky liquid gold feel even more special, every time we savor it, we are tasting the entire life work of multiple bees (one bee produces 1/12 of a teaspoon in the span of its life). So in an ode to spring and honey, Recess crafted this alcohol-free cocktail. It’s citrusy, slightly tangy, and of course, full of honey flavor.

Show Me The Honey by Recess

Recipe by Shannon Mustipher

Ingredients (for one serving):

The Process:

  • Add grapefruit juice, honey, and lime juice to a rocks glass
  • Stil to dissolve honey
  • Add ice
  • Top with Pomegranate Hibiscus Recess and stir
Courtesy of Recess

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