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Set The Bar With A Fresh Summer Drink From Recess

Fresh And Juicy

July 09, 2021 Hannah McIntosh

Some days call for an escape. Whether you need a break from a long day in front of the computer or a respite from the summer heat, sometimes it’s necessary to vacate the confines of your current state. If you can’t quite take a literal hike from your surroundings, we have the perfect alcohol-free cocktail to get you in a new state of mind. Recess has put together a beverage that’s both rich and extremely refreshing. It’s everything you want from a fresh juice, plus a kick from the bright and spicy Blackberry Chai Recess.

Take A Hike – A Non-Alcoholic Cocktail From Recess

Recipe by Shannon Mustipher

Ingredients (for one serving):

The Process:

  • Combine beet juice, ginger syrup, and lemon juice in tall glass with ice
  • Fill with Blackberry Chai Recess 
  • Stir, float backberries as garnish, and enjoy

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