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Set The Bar For Dealing With An Existential Crisis

Set The Bar With A Cocktail Recipe From Recess

February 23, 2021 Hannah McIntosh
Courtesy of Recess, photo by Noah Fecks

It’s an unavoidable symptom of the average human condition to experience moments of questioning. From time to time, you’ll ask yourself, “what’s the meaning of all this?” with “this” being life. Fortunately – or unfortunately – there are an infinite amount of answers. Recess, the self-professed “antidote to modern times,” has at least one answer in the form of a cocktail recipe. So while you ponder the big questions, here’s something delicious to sip on.

Existential Crisis by Recess

Recipe developed by Shannon Mustipher

Ingredients (for one serving):

The Process:

  • Fill shaker with ice, gin, Campari, and lavender syrup
  • Shake and strain into a martini glass
  • Top with Blackberry Chai Recess
  • Garnish with a fresh blackberry
Courtesy of Recess

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