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How To

Set The Scene For Family Dinner

A Real Crowd Pleaser

June 02, 2021 Hannah McIntosh

One helpful piece of wisdom to remind yourself of is that you can’t please everyone. This applies to a wide range of experiences. It’s especially good to keep this in mind when you’re serving dinner to a family. However, nowadays, with delivery, you can come pretty darn close to making everyone happy. Even if you don’t have picky eaters at your table, everyone usually has different tastes. Some like it spicy, some don’t eat meat, others prefer things that are bite-sized or fried. Family dinner is a time to be enjoyed and to make it a more pleasant experience for all, here’re some tips on creating the perfect crowd-pleasing spread.

Double Up On The Hits

Some dishes are known as crowd-pleasers for all ages. Think: chicken nuggets, sliders, french fries. There’s truly no shame in eating off of the kid’s menu. Order a double (or triple) serving of the dishes you know everyone enjoys so you don’t get caught stealing food from a child’s plate. 

Opposites Attract

Family dinner is all about embracing the familiar chaos of everyday life and making the most of it. Life is messy, and that’s sort of the beauty of it. So when it comes to family night, more than any other dinner, embrace that essential lack of order. Salads don’t go with nuggets? Who says? Sushi doesn’t pair well with pasta? We disagree. This dinner isn’t about forcing uniformity. It’s all about letting people express themselves through their tastebuds. Let everyone’s food moods run wild. 

Keep It Cute

There’s a time and a place for a crisp table cloth, shiny silverware, and elegant candle holders. But when you’re trying to keep the mood approachable and relaxing, these elements feel at best stuffy, and at worst, impractical. While table manners are important, loosening up standards for decor makes everyone feel at ease and releases any pressure for the night to go a specific way. Put out some colorful drinkware, mix up the plate shapes and sizes, and throw down a table cloth in any color but white (which basically functions to attract stains).

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