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Set The Scene For Pasta Paradise

Bring the ambiance of your favorite red sauce joint home

March 16, 2021 Hannah McIntosh

There’s something ineffably charming about a meal at your favorite red sauce joint. The combination of a dependably curated ambiance with the comfort of food that’s not trying too hard creates the overall effect of a warm hug. It’s both an escape from the daily grind and a wholesomely nurturing experience. So if you’re in the mood to enjoy some classic Italian dishes in the pleasant environs of your own home, here’s a guide on how to set the scene for pasta paradise.

Pasta paradise

Family-Style Share Plates

The truth in the adage “sharing is caring” can’t be understated when it comes to setting the scene for a pasta feast. Between pesto, alla vodka sauce, classic red sauce with meatballs, fresh garlic knots, and a classic Italian salad, there’s plenty to go around. Nothing says feast than heaping bowls of noodles, boards of fragrant bread, and a massive serving of fresh Caprese salad. The key to smooth serving? Make sure you have the right tools.

Pasta sharing, family-style

All Shapes And Sizes

If you’re like us, you find it hard to decide between the pleasure of a forkful of rigatoni and a satisfying swirl of spaghetti. And then there are all the other irresistible Italian delicacies, like chicken parm, burrata, and of course, cannoli for an end-of-meal sweet treat. The best part about a feast is there’s room at the table for every dish to have its moment. 

Chicken parm sandwich

Toppings At Your Finger Tips

Bring the best of restaurant conveniences to your table. That means easy access to all the toppings and condiments that take a dish from good to great. Think: red pepper flakes in a shaker, bowls of grated parm, fresh cracked pepper in a dish. The key to a seamless meal, where the eating and conversation portions intertwine seamlessly, is to prep your table with everything you might want to top your already-delicious pasta dishes.

Spaghetti and meatball and more

Bevy Of Beverages

The vibe of a good feast is synonymous with that of a party, and having a hearty supply of beverages is certainly a hallmark of a good party. If you’ve debated the merits of a wine carafe, this is the meal to prove its worthiness in your kitchen (and on your dinner table). Not a wine drinker? No problem, we love a good Negroni with a plate of pasta. Mix up a batch of it to avoid having to leave the table for a refill. 

Classic Negroni
The aftermath

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