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What To Order Every Quarter

Game Day Delivery Playbook

February 02, 2021 Hannah McIntosh

Besides the big game, the Super Bowl is a day known and loved for the food that accompanies the on-screen action. If your team is ahead, a generous smorgasbord heightens the entire experience, and if things aren’t going as you’d hoped, a sensory spread is an uplifting balm to the disappointment. As the whole experience is a more-than-four-hour event, you’ll want to have ample drinks, sides, and mains planned for continuous enjoyment (or distraction). We’ve put together a playbook for what to order at every quarter – plus pregame, halftime, and victory – to keep you going through the whole game.


Thought “setting the mood” was just for date night? Think again. Turn on a sports-themed playlist, and get your head in the game with some pregame festivities Order some beer or hard seltzers to keep things casual, or grab a bottle of your favorite spirits and mix up some cocktails for a proper toast to your team. Whether gin, bourbon, or rum is your game, we’ve got something for every type of player. If you’re not drinking at this at-home tailgate, set yourself up for success with dips for every down — like pretzel bites with beer cheese, some trusty celery and carrots with ranch, and, of course, the iconic seven-layer.

Chips and dips

First Quarter

Kick off the game with something light that still packs a punch: sushi. Crunchy rice, spicy tuna rolls, crispy shrimp, and easy-to-hold-and-watch handrolls are the perfect first quarter course. Now’s also the ideal time to add some energy drinks into the mix to keep your spirits high and your stamina strong. The game’s just getting started, and you’ll want to give your team the full attention they deserve.

Second Quarter

As things start to heat up, keep up with the jumbo-screen action with some aptly-sized jumbo chicken wings. You can tackle this classic game-day snack with flavors worthy of a touchdown moment, like Mango Habanero, Truffalo, or Spicy Thai Peanut. Not much of a meat eater but still a want to be involved in the action? Order all of the french fries, from waffle fries to sweet potato to loaded crinkle cuts. While there are only two outcomes for the game, there’s a 100% chance you’ll want to try all of the flavors.

Rebel Wings

Halftime Show

Whether you’re a casual spectator or a die-hard fan, the halftime show is where everyone meets as equals. While the action of the game is sidelined for everyone’s favorite moment on live TV, now’s the time for a crescendo in your delicious eats. While it will be hard to look away from The Weeknd, it’s also the hamburger halftime show – we‘re talking sliders, double cheese burgers, even meatless burgers if that’s more your style. This may not be the game’s finale, but why not treat it like one?

Mini Wonders

Third Quarter

If you need a little break from the heavy hitters, the third quarter is the perfect time for some snacks – salty and sweet. Things will be heating up on the scoreboard, and you’ll need some crunchy chips, gummy candies, fizzy drinks, and maybe more dips to keep you going toward the end zone.

French fries

Fourth Quarter

You’ve made it to the final quarter of the game, and just like your team, you’ll want to finish strong. To stick with the finger food theme, it’s time for more wings. If sports games had a lucky charm in the form of food, it would be the humble but mighty chicken wing – they’re packed with flavor worthy of commemorating the moment your team brings in the big win. 

Rebel Wings


Nothing screams a celebratory occasion like ice cream. Take your victory lab with scoops of creamy ice cream flavors, packed with chewy chunks and swirls of caramelly goodness. A big win calls for a super sweet treat.

Negroni Spritz Recipe With Tip Top

If you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail without missing a moment of the game’s action, this is the ideal recipe for you and your crew. This Aperol Spritz-inspired beverage takes a Negroni twist with the help of Tip Top’s ready-to-pour canned Negroni. All you have to do is pour it into your favorite glass, add the finishing touches, and enjoy the game. It’s so quick and easy won’t miss a play, but so delicious, you’ll feel like you scored a touchdown. 

What You’ll Need:

The Process:

  • Pour the Negroni over ice
  • Top with Cava
  • Garnish with your citrus twist of choice
  • Enjoy!

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