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What To Order, When You Don’t Know What To Order

Having trouble on dinner decisions? We can help.

April 29, 2021 Kiri Tannenbaum

After the year we’ve all had, it’s understandable when making basic decisions feels difficult. From deciding between starting another episode of Bridgerton or finally finishing Tiger King, it can be a lot. One decision we can help with is what to order for dinner. Take the quiz below to discover what you should order for your next dine-in experience.

  1. Last night I ate…

A) Leftover pizza.

B) No idea. What day was yesterday? What day is today?

A) Pizza is one of those foods that you can always eat, day after day. But it’s time to toss what’s leftover of the pie and get some protein and veg in. Saladworks Southwest Chipotle Ranch Salad has just what you need in one bowl—grilled chicken, creamy avocado, roasted corn, black beans, Pepper Jack cheese, chopped tomatoes, and crunchy, tri-color tortilla strips served over a base of lettuce and tossed with a housemade chipotle ranch dressing.

B) If you’re having trouble remembering things, your body is telling you that it needs brain-boosting nutrients. Fatty fish rich in omega-3s is just what the doctor ordered. Dive into one of tasty bowls from Aloha Poke, which are customizable to your liking. Choose a base (white or brown rice, cauliflower, or greens), a poke (remember, omega-3 rich ahi tuna or salmon) then choose your remaining ingredients or pick from the signatures, like the eponymous Aloha bowl which includes chopped cucumber, scallions, pineapple, jalapeno, Maui onion, laced in a sweet sesame dressing.

2. What wine is in your fridge?

A) Canned rose from last weekend’s picnic.

B) Selections from my wine club. And technically, it’s called a wine cooler.  

A) You’re into casual convenience that’s fun, shareable, portable, and pink. Stay on theme and order sushi from Krispy Rice that offers a little bit of everything all in one rosy box. If it’s your first time, try the Krispy Heaven built for two which includes two pieces of their signature “Krispy” rice in original spicy tuna, King salmon and yuzu, spicy hamachi and wasabi, truffle avocado, as well as two spicy tuna hand rolls, two baked crab handrolls, two pieces of King salmon nigiri and two pieces of crunchy shrimp tempura.

B) It’s always good to be well-stocked when it comes to wine. If you have a bottle of Lambrusco, a dry Riesling, or Sauvignon Blanc, be sure it’s at optimal temperature and order up some Vietnamese spring rolls, Bahn Mi, and pho from Tran An. If you have a medium-bodied red, like Pinot Noir or a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon that needs finishing, go ahead and order that saucy chicken parm sandwich or The MJ meatball sub from Champs and Heroes.

3. Complete this sentence: I’m tired of eating…

A) Chicken.

B) Pasta.

A) Chicken is the number one searched recipe term, so it’s no wonder we’ve all grown tired of cooking and eating it. The solution? Beef. Genuine Burger offers up a double dose of beef with their BBQ brisket burger. A superior burger is super stacked with caramelized onions, melted American cheese, and a slab of smoked brisket sauced with a BBQ glaze. The burger comes with all the fixings — heirloom tomato, lettuce, red onion, and pickles, plus an additional half-sour pickle on the side. After this burger reset, you’ll be A-OK to your return to grilled chicken.

B) Understandably, pasta is a go-to. Its endless shapes and sauces from, cacio e pepe to alla vodka to pesto, make for a variety of textures and flavors. But as with everything, balance is key. To avoid tiring permanently of your fallback, replace that bowl of pasta with a Cali-Korean bowl of bibimbap or burrito bowl from Saucy Asian.

4. What is the one condiment you can’t live without?

A) Mayonnaise.

B) Cholula, gochujang paste, sriracha – anything with heat!

A) Mayo is one of those polarizing condiments – you either love it and want it on everything or it’s just simply not your thing. But since it is (and we fully support that), the housemade mayo at Fuku is creamy and spicy, marrying perfectly to the Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken Sando. That baby is stuffed with a crispy habanero brined chicken breast, pickles, fuku mayo, all cushioned by a Martin’s potato roll.

B) If it’s spice you like, the fiery wings from Rebel Wings are going to leave your lips with that magical tingle. Try the Mango Habanero Fire wings with sweet tropical fruit notes or the famed classic wings featuring tender, sous vide chicken wings battered and deep-fried until golden brown, then lightly tossed in flaming Buffalo hot sauce.

5. Finally, what kind of day did you have?

A) Productive. No Zoom calls, two loads of laundry (folded and put away), even washed the dog’s bowl.

B) Passable. WiFi network outage, on hold with the cable company for over an hour, and I still haven’t hugged my grandparents.

Whether you aced your day or had a seriously crummy one, creamy macaroni and cheese always delivers good vibes. Dig into a bowl from I Heart Mac and Cheese for a satisfying version of this classic comfort food. (We’re partial to the Lobster and White Truffle Mac which brings together fresh Maine lobster, Muenster cheese, and is finished with lobster cream, white truffle oil, and scallions.) With every bite, you’ll feel like you’ve got a weighted blanket wrapping around you. Not a replacement for a good hug, but that’ll come soon enough.

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