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Off Duty With Jourdan Binder

The Mind Behind Champs and Heroes

April 20, 2021 Hannah McIntosh

Miami native Jourdan Binder is a man of many ventures. In 2008, he founded the creative agency, The Workshop, was the creative director for The Anderson bar, is currently the CMO of a cannabis company, and most recently, is the mind behind the world’s first-ever champagne and sandwich shop, Champs and Heroes. As a quintessential ‘80s and ‘90s kid obsessed with sports, streetwear, and the culture of the fashion world, the idea came to him organically. “That energy manifested itself in my overall aesthetic and my need to continuously create,” Jourdan tells us. “I saw there was an opportunity for a really good sandwich shop in Miami and felt that a good sandwich pairs nicely with a brisk glass of champagne.” To welcome this new concept to the world, we chatted with Jourdan to get to know a little bit more about his style, his favorite way to eat a sandwich, and what he loves about Miami.

NBRHD: Tell us your story, elevator pitch-style:

Jourdan Binder: Born and raised in Miami, I founded my marketing agency, The Workshop in 2008. With a creative-first approach, we found success in creating campaigns and identities for some very notable brands. Beyond the agency, I am currently the CMO of a cannabis company, and recently, I was a partner and creative director of The Anderson bar. I’m very proud of what my teams and I have accomplished through the years. I’m excited to venture into the delivery-only territory and push the industry with a different, fun, and original approach that you haven’t seen before. After years of building brands for others, I’ve decided to build a few for myself and put out concepts I am passionate about and hopefully make people smile. All that said, what makes me who I am, and my biggest accomplishment, is being a dad and husband.

NBRHD: Tell us the birth story of Champs and Heroes:

JB: I was a quintessential child of the ’80s and ’90s. I grew up immersed in the culture surrounding sports, streetwear, and fashion models of the time and parlayed that same passion into my career. That energy manifested itself in my overall aesthetic and my need to continuously create. I saw an opportunity for a really good sandwich shop in Miami and felt that a good sandwich pairs nicely with a crisp glass of champagne. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t want a great hero sandwich and a glass of champagne at the same time? The whole thing came together pretty organically. Once I had the idea in my head, I knew there was only one person I wanted to take on this culinary journey with me. And that’s when I brought it to chef Nicole Votano. I probably got three words out when explaining the concept and she was in. For anyone that somehow doesn’t already know this, Nicole is a CHAMP and her food is fire! Everybody better be ready for some serious eating.

Champs and Heroes

NBRHD: How would you describe Champs & Heroes in three words?

JB: The G.O.A.T Sandwiches.

NBRHD: What are your foundational sources of inspiration?

JB: 80s/90s sports and streetwear culture – the energy, the pursuit of being the best, and the celebration of the win. I also just really like good food. 

NBRHD: What are the elements of a perfect sandwich?

JB: A good sauce and the right meat to bread ratio. 

NBRHD: Where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling burnt out?

JB: Travel – I love to explore new places and soak in all the creative energy.

NBRHD: Where in your home are you spending the most time?

JB: In the kitchen with my daughter or by the pool watching her chase our new puppy around.

Photo courtesy of Jourdan Binder

NBRHD: How have you been decompressing lately?

JB: I have a 2-year-old and another one on the way, a creative agency, I’m CMO of a cannabis business, and now I’m launching Champs and Heroes. What is this decompressing you speak of?

NBRHD: What’s your favorite dinner when you don’t feel like cooking?

JB: Sushi, forever and always.

NBHRD: What was the last delivery meal you had? How was it?

JB: Pizza from Steve’s. It’s always great!

NBHRD: What’s your favorite part about living in Miami?

JB: The cultural diversity and being able to show people what the real Miami is all about. Being born and raised here, I have a ton of pride and rep the city hard. I like proving people’s stereotypes of Miami wrong.

Photo courtesy of Jourdan Binder

NBRHD: Tell us about your neighborhood – what makes it special?

JB: I live in Miami Shores, and I love it. It has a real neighborhood feel with small businesses and lots of great areas to explore with the family. It’s so easy for us to take my daughter on a walk or bike ride, and everything is very close and accessible.

NBRHD: Ideal setting to enjoy champagne – go!

JB: First and foremost, with a great group of friends celebrating a big win or just enjoying life. Ideally on a rooftop at dawn or dusk, looking out at the city and listening to great music.

Champs and Heroes

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