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Genuine Hits

From Genuine Burger chef Michael Schwartz

February 16, 2021 Hannah McIntosh

When you think about what makes for a perfect meal, it often has to do with a balance in flavors and textures. Take a hamburger – the juicy patty is flavorful but not overly salty, the tomato and ketchup bring an equalizing hint of sweetness, slices of pickle add tang, lettuce and onion give it some crunch, and a fluffy bun brings everything together on neutral territory. And much like this ideal burger experience, a well-curated playlist feeds your senses through the balance of alternating rhythms, harmonies, and tempos. When concepting Genuine Burger, chef Michael Schwartz kept all of this in mind, merging his love for music with his appreciation for balanced, fresh flavor. So why not enjoy the two together? Order up some Genuine Burger and turn on this mix of West Coast, ‘50s jazz classics. The well-composed flavors of a bistro-style burger and fries are best enjoyed to the tune of great music, at least we think so.

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