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The Reorder With Laura O’Neill

Where To Eat In Silver Lake & Echo Park

March 29, 2021 Hannah McIntosh
Laura O’Neill by Caitlin Ochs

Van Leeuwen is a neighborhood gem, wherever it is across its 23 locations. In co-founder Laura O’Neill’s Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake, she’s discovered a few spots that make it a special and delicious place to live. Below are the restaurants that never disappoint when she’s having a specific craving. 

Oat Passion Fruit Layer Cake |Photo by Sidney Bensimon

Something noodle-y: 

Pine and Crane for the Dan Dan Noddles. These guys knock it out of the park. The quality is amazing, and they have so many good dishes that happen to be vegan.”

Something fresh:

“The Crispy Rice Salad at Night + Market Song. Make it vegan and not too-too spicy.”

Something good for left-overs:

Masa deep dish pizza. These pizzas weigh a ton, so you’ll be enjoying it all week.”

Something you can eat with your hands: 

Monty’s Good Burger. It’s my favorite plant-based burger. The caramelized onions really make it.”

Something comforting/indulgent: 

Wax Paper for the Ira Glass sandwich (Avo, cheddar, sprouts, fresh and pickled red onions on Bub and Grandma’s multi-grain). I love this sandwich, it’s like an upgrade on a classic school lunch sandwich.”

Laura O’Neill | Illustration by Richard Fairhead

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