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Miami Grill & Coyo Taco

April 13, 2021 NBRHD Editorial

This week, pretty much anything you might be craving is available for delivery courtesy of two restaurants in Miami, now delivering through NBRHD Kitchens. First up in Miami Grill, a long-time staple for Miamians craving, well anything. This spot has it all, from cheeseburgers to Greek Gyros. Next, we’ve got Coyo Taco, the spot making fresh Mexican food all-natural ingredients, locally sourced produce, and sustainably raised meat. 

Miami Grill

For over 30 years, Miami Grill has been serving The Magic City an array of made-to-order classics – from cheesesteaks to Greek Gyros –, a now it’s easier than ever to order your favorites through NBRHD Kitchens. If you’re not familiar with this Miami staple, the thing to know is that the menu is defined by diversity: chicken wings, wraps, burgers, subs, mozzarella sticks – you name it, it’s probably there. The question of “what should we have for dinner?” Is easily answered by Miami Grill.

Coyo Taco

Miami’s favorite Mexican street food spot is now delivering through NBRHD Kitchens. Coyo Taco makes everything from fresh, from guacamole that’s smashed to order to handcrafted tortillas. They source their veggies locally when possible, and only use meat and seafood that raised humanely. You can’t go wrong with any of their tacos, the loaded quesadilla, and definitely don’t skip the churros.

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