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Balloo Wallah

May 25, 2021 Hannah McIntosh

Balloo Wallah

Some new vibrant, bright, and bold flavors just landed in Miami. Chef Timon Balloo is serving spice-filled and super comforting West-Indian-inspired street food at Balloo Wallah, his new concept born from his culinary and cultural influences from Caribbean and Indian cuisine. The menu is a variety of Indian curries served over your choice of rice, crispy waffle fries, or as a wrap, as well as other starters like samosas, wings, spice chickpeas, and more.

The inspiration for Balloo Wallah has its roots in Timon’s Indo-Trinidadian and Chinese heritage. Growing up in San Francisco with his Chinese-Caribbean mother, he mostly ate cuisine of that nature. What is considered traditional American food was more of a rarity in his home. When he was 10 years old, he met his father and became acquainted with his Indian-Trinidadian side. In his 30’s, Timon fell in love with Middle Eastern spices, learning from his father, who cooked with amchoor, made roti and pickles, among other dishes. Balloo Wallah is Timon’s ode to his Indian-Trinidadian culture. This homage is even ingrained in the name, as Wallah means to serve, act, or do. Balloo Wallah embodies the idea of hospitality, with each dish being the perfect mix of comfort and feel-good fun.

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