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NBRHD Spirits Is Delivering In Miami

December 08, 2020 NBRHD Editorial

Hey Miami, if you live in Brickell, you’re daily cocktail hour just got a whole lot easier to plan. Meet NBRHD Spirits: your on-demand liquor store delivering all your favorite spirits, wines, bubbles, beers, and more in 30 minutes or less. Whether it’s an off-the-cuff celebration in-need of some Champagne or a hard day calling for something strong on the rocks, NBRHD Spirits is there to answer your “it’s 5:30 somewhere!” remark.

Liquor bottles | Photo by Chris F from Pexels


Whiskey or bourbon Manhattan? Gin or vodka martini? With NBRHD Spirits delivering straight to your door, there’s no need to decide in advance. We’re stocking Hendrick’s, Maker’s Mark, Grey Goose, Patron, and so much more. Just go with whatever you’re in the mood for.


Whether it’s a Pinot Noir and pasta night or herbed chicken and sauvignon blanc, we’ve got wine pairings for whatever is on tonight’s menu. And for special occasions or mimosa brunches, there’s Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, La Marca, and more.


There’s nothing like a cold beer (or seltzer) on a hot afternoon (or evening). Whatever the time of day and preference, we’ve got you covered with Corona, Funky Buddha, City Cigar, and White Claw.

Mixers + More

A cocktail simply wouldn’t be a cocktail without a few added ingredients. Enter all your favorite sodas and energy drinks (we’re looking at you Red Bull and vodka lovers) for quick beverages, plus seltzer water and citrus for fancier cocktails. Cheers!

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